The 5 Session Recovery Programme

5 Session Recovery

The 5 session recovery programme is designed to focus on goals. It will allow you to learn practical skills in a structured and supported way. These skills will help you tackle cravings, recognise triggers, and create a routine that works for you and your lifestyle. This programme is not for everyone as it requires strong determination and hard work during the course of 5 sessions. This programme works well for people who are committed to change. It’s particularly good for people who prefer not to share much private information about themselves in counselling. Above all it allows participants to be in control of procedures. Here’s how it works:

Session 1: Comprehensive Analysis

Comprehensive Analysis

In the first session, we explore your background and the reasons you believe caused you to become addicted. We then explore your understanding of addiction, before engaging in psychoeducation by explaining to you some of the history of addiction and the neuropsychology of addiction. We then look at your future plans and hopes. Finally, we create a schedule of actions for you to complete before the next session to test out what type of recovery method best suits your personality and lifestyle.

Session 2: Risk Assessment and Safety Planning

Risk Assessment and Safety Planning

In this session, we go more in-depth about the risks (or triggers) you may encounter while recovering from addiction. We determine what might make you want to use or engage in the source of your addiction and how to make things as safe as possible. We then explore some of the biggest pitfalls that people never think about, such as the dangers of overconfidence, unexpected social influences, and psychological stressors.

Session 3: Collaborative Exploration

Collaborative Exploration

The focus in this session is on the difficulties facing you. Based on the exercises from the previous week, we discuss your thoughts about addiction and determine the biggest risks (or triggers) that are likely to encounter. We then look at case studies of people who have experienced addiction and the methods they used to overcome it. This is followed by more targeted psychoeducation on different mental tactics and tricks you can use to manage cravings and self-confident. More action directive tasks are then assigned to finish before the next session.

Session 4: Action Planning and Trial

Action Planning and Trial

This session is where put everything you’ve learned to the test. Using all the information gained by discussion and trails, we will create a long-term action plan that suits your personality and lifestyle. We will look at more common mistakes that people in recovery make and explore more case-studies of people who had unexpected things happen to them. Then though planning and visualisation we will make a safety plan to support your action plan and start trials of it. These will be done from that session until next session.

Session 5: Evaluation and Framework Creation

Evaluation and Framework Creation

In the last session, we evaluate the action plan from last week and determine what worked and what didn’t. We will come up with creative ways to keep you safe from relapse. We will then create a realistic schedule of things to do when you’re bored or unexpected traumatic events occur. Building on from this, we will create a mental framework with which you can live addiction free. This is the most powerful thing you will learn. Your changed perception will remove the control addiction has over you.

5 Session Recovery

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