The Addiction Recovery Checklist

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There are many helpful resources for addiction treatment available online. Here are few links to some external organisations. If you are looking for support from an organisation not mentioned here, please contact us and we will try to facilitate. We are always happy to make referrals or provide information whenever we can. We can also assist you in educational or employment support. Our counsellors have a strong background in the social sector and can provide you with information about courses, grants, and public supports. We would be happy to make the relevant referral for you if you have any difficulty in this area. Please read ‘The Addiction Recovery Checklist’ to learn some suggestions about how to begin your journey towards recovery.

Information about Addiction

  • HSE Drug and Alcohol Helpline

The HSE drug and alcohol helpline is where you can get additional information about drug addiction.

  • Drug and Alcohol Information and Support in Ireland provides lots of information about drugs and their effects.

Information about Residential Treatment Centres Ireland

There are several residential treatment centres in Ireland offering different services from day classes to over-night respite. They can vary in length of duration. Some residential treatment centres in Ireland will only accept clients who are covered by insurance or who pay privately. The programmes they offer vary also. For more information please contact us so we can direct you to the right service depending on your needs.

Treatment Centres

Mental Health Resources Information and Resources about Mental Health Services has a lot of information about mental health and supports available for mental health

Mental Health Ireland Mental Health Resources for Young People is Ireland’s youth information website created by young people, for young people.

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